Fashion shoot for Lindas Taboo

Although every people I do a photo session with are very valuable to me, I have to admit some jobs are more fun and means more to me than others. The shot we did for the Canarian/Swedish designer Linda Segura Sterner was one of those jobs that I appreciate very much. Linda is a great designer, very creative and know exactly how she want the result to be in the end. Therefore, it was a demanding and challenging job that demanded much of both Geir and me.

The shoots took place over three days, two days in the desert of Maspalomas and one day in a skating park in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The desert was very challenging. We had to bring the whole collection of clothes out in this sandy world. To walk in the desert in the killing heat is nothing I recommend. For the models it was also very challenging, they had to take care of their makeup and the hair, and try not to sweat.

Not to mention all the expensive equipment and gear of mine that we had to bring out in the desert with us, a really challenge to protect it all. On the other side, we were lucky, the sky had clouds both days and that it´s not often in this area. 

In Las Palmas we had to go in early afternoon. Because of the strong sun light it´s not possible to go earlier. The skaters also comes in the afternoon, not everyone was happy that we occupied their skate track with the flashes, tripods, cloth and gear. 

It was also difficult to avoid the public and curious people wondering who we photographed for. Some also tried to take pictures of us, something Linda did not like at all. I guess no designer likes that the images of their collection comes out in public before it is meant for it.

Frederick Cleverly, who I have worked with several times, was responsable for the models hair and their makeup, and again, he did an awesome job. It´s always a pleasure to work with you, Frederick!

Anyway, I´ll put some of the photos here, I love the result myself. Working with Linda was a great experience for me, and hopefully we will do it again someday.

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