The sweetest little girl in town

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I have to show you some more photos of Veslemøy. I have sooo many gorgeous photos of this sweet little girl, that I had to figure out how to show you as many as possible. So I had to come up with an idea of something new. Nothing new on this earth, but on this blog. 

I have made a some-kind-of-video that includes a lot of photos, and please, I know it´s a bit long, but take your time to watch, she is so cute and you have to see it!

And all of these photos are taken with my new favorite lens, the Canon 85 mm,  f/1.2 :), which BTW is a challenge to use. With an aperture of 1.2 you have to count on some out-of-focus-photos, and the 5d mark II isn´t the best on focus. In fact, Nikon is so much better than Canon when it comes to the number of focus points, that´s something I DON´T like about Canon…

This is Veslemoy (Veslemøy in Norwegian). She is a charming little girl from Norway and these photos were taken on Gran Canaria in Spain by photographer Mette Brandt.

Enjoy 🙂

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