Family photography in Puerto Mogan

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On Gran Canaria there are many lovely spots to do photo shoots at. Puerto Mogan is one of them. Silje, who are from Eidsvoll near Oslo, Norway, actually wanted something that was not so typically sweet and cute surroundings for the shoot of her and her two children, Odin and Alva.

We went to Mogan, and found some really cool and tough spots, but not typically sweet and cute. You have the new Puerto Mogan, called Little Venecia, and the old part of the town, where you´ll find the local people. And there we found the spots that Silje just loved, and I think she is glowing in those surroundings, look at her, she is a really cool mother. Odin and Alva were so clever on the shoot, they did fantastic poses and we went on and on. Thank you all, it was an exciting experience! You are all great!

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