A new family photography in lovely Puerto Mogan

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I was asked to do another photo shoot in Puerto Mogán, and of course I would love to do shoot there again. From our first “meeting”, I have always loved this little charming place, with its restaurantes and atmosphere. The sun light is gorgeous here in the evenings, and I have taken many picture in Puerto Mogán during the years. So, it´s not difficult to ask me to do shoots in Puerto Mogán, just love this place. 

Currently I am lucky to have Vilde Løkken Fredheim in practice with me. She went with us to Puerto Mogán to study how I work when taking photos. She has been working together with me several times lately. We had a photo shoot of sweet little Valentina (I am working on those photos too, they are comming soon), we have been teaching in photography and in Photoshop for the students at Los Teques and soon we are doing some more stuff together. She is also working with here final work at school. She has also taken some behind the sceens photos that I hope we can post here later.

Well, here is Marthe and Odin, in Puerto Mogán. They did both a gorgeous job, posing and posing, and we did get some awesome photos  that I just love:) 
I hope you like them too!


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