Pregnancy photography

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The last months, from May until this month, I have been meeting Marianne one time every month. She and her husband Jonathan is expecting a little baby very soon, and we have put the growing belly on digital files. The result is a cool photo that shows how the belly is growing. 

We also had a big photo session with Marianne and Jonathan, and I have to say that I think they are such a cute couple and it has been a pleasure for me to have you in the studio.Thank you for letting me share these photos. 


mage-komplett-web portrait-in-studio-10 portrait-in-studio-11 portrait-in-studio-12 portrait-in-studio-13 portrait-in-studio-14 portrait-in-studio-15 portrait-in-studio-16 portrait-in-studio-17 portrait-in-studio-18 portrait-in-studio-19 portrait-in-studio-2 portrait-in-studio-21 portrait-in-studio-22 portrait-in-studio-23 portrait-in-studio-24 portrait-in-studio-25 portrait-in-studio-26 portrait-in-studio-3 portrait-in-studio-4 portrait-in-studio-5 portrait-in-studio-6 portrait-in-studio-7 portrait-in-studio-8 portrait-in-studio-9 portrait-in-studio


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