Wedding photography Gran Canaria – Anfi del Mar

Miriann and Lee got married in Arguinguín in the end of 2012. They had a beautiful ceremony at the catholic church in the town.
The ceremony was held by the Norwegian priest Ingrid Frivold from the Norwegian Church Abroad. It was so beautiful that I almost forgot to take photos, I just had to stay there and enjoy. Bjørn WW Jørgensen and Torkild Storli performed beautiful music. 

Miriann and Lee also got their first child one month before the wedding, and they had the christening for little Elina at the same time as their wedding.

Miriann was no stranger for me. She has actually been a model for me before, when we did a shooting for Lindas Taboo. You can see a few photos from that shoot here

Again I was given permission to shoot at beautiful Anfi del Mar. I have to thank you again for letting me use this wonderful place at Gran Canaria. We had a great and fun time shooting there, and I hope you can forgive us for forgetting the champagne bottle and the glasses on the lawn.  

The wedding party were held in Palm Garden in Patalaca, between Arguinguín and Puerto Rico. The staff had made the most gorgeous meny you can imagine. I know, because I was served this delicious dinner at the party while working. I really can recommend this place, I have been there before and know they know what quality is.

I also have to say that I met some great people in this wedding. Mirianns maid of honor and her sisters, Lee´s best man, you where all awesome! Miriann is from Norway, and Lee has his family in U.K. And I will never forget those ladies with those gorgeous hats, you where such a stylish ladies! And I could mention all of you, it was so nice to meet you all. Thank you Mirann and Lee for have the trust in me to be you wedding photographer, I´ll never forget this!

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