Portraits photo shoot Gran Canaria

A few weeks ago I had an incredibly fun and amazing photo shoot with Svennie. Svennie is the principal of one of the best private schools in Norway, OPG, located in Oslo. And imagine having such a incredibly cool principal! Can´t imagine many other principals would do the same, pose for these photos in front of a graffiti wall!

And yes, he also made some new friends during the photo shoot. The guys at “Aluminio Asturias” were so kind to lend us their incredible cool door to their workshop, and of course, Svennie had a lot to talk about with them. Phone number were exchanged, and new friends were made. This is so typical Svennie, he has friends all over the world, and he talks with everyone. That´s also how find stuff for the books he writes and the board games he makes.

Svennie is a incredibly cool, pleasant and wonderful person to be with, and time passes always fast when we meet. And we enjoy every time we get the chance to meet, if it´s in Oslo, at Gran Canaria, in Malaysia or in Belgium. Yes, he loves to travel, and so do we. So if we have an opportunity to meet somewhere out there, we do.
Please visit his website, www.svennie.no, where he writes about all his interesting travels and experiences. Svennie has wrote a lot of interesting articles and his blog is really worth reading.

Well, enjoy these portraits photo of Svennie!

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