Children photography in studio in Puerto Rico

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I just love having children photography. A while ago, Aurora and Cassandra visited me together with their mom in the studio. They are just so incredible cute both of them. And full of energy :) But we managed to capture some stunning expression though. 


01-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_4874 02-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_4910 03-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_4914 04-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_4921 05-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_4969 06-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5037 07-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5123 08-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5154 09-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5215 10-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5232 11-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5283 12-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5357 13-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5394 14-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5417 15-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5432 16-aurora-and-cassandra_mg_5446

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