Boxing photo shoot with Simen

The other day I had a really cool photo shoot with Simen from Oslo, Norway. Simen and I have known each other for couple of years, we got to know each other when I was working for the Norwegian School, and Simen was working for “Rikshospitalets Behandlingsreiser” at Gran Canaria. I knew he was doing boxing, and I had this idea of doing a photo shoot with him. We have been talking about this for a long time, but due to a large amount of work I have had lately, I haven´t had time to do it. But, since Simen is leaving Gran Canaria and are moving back to Norway tomorrow, we just had to do it. 

This shot was that shot that I wanted to do, nothing that was a ordered work from anyone. Sometimes I do things for free, just because I need to do some creative work on some ideas I have and to improve myself in my work. And I have for a long time though of this kind of shoot, with an athletic person, in a kind of grunge and tough environment. 

I have to admit that for this shoot, I was very inspired by Joel Grimes, he is a fabulous photographer and Photoshop artist. I also like the style of Dave Hill and Dustin Snipes, they do works I really love. I use a lot of time to visit other photographers blogs and websites, that is really inspiring. Not because I want to copy them, but get ideas and see what others are doing, and of course, there are trends in the industry also. Btw, I think every photographer do so. I have my favorites when it comes to wedding photography too, which I just love to do. And of course children photography.

So, well, this shoot with Simen, was a kind of Mette-going-creative-and-crazy-on-the-rocks, and I have to say, Simen did an awesome job! When you look at these photos, you might get the impression of Simen as a bad guy, well, not really, but he played very well that guy I wanted him to be. We work for some hours, and the sweat you see, is real.

He is not like that bad guy at all, he is the most sweetest person you can imagine. He has a heart of gold and he can´t even kill a mosquito. He is a boy of the nature, and he is now leaving Gran Canaria with a dream of starting his own industry on making cloths from only ecologic grown crops.  Wow, that is exciting!

Simen also makes his own jewellery and bracelets. Everything he makes are made ​​from natural material from the nature and birds, and are found, not taken and no birds have become hurt of this. The more natural photos of Simen here, is for promoting these stuff. You can also see Simen wearing some of the ones he made. He will soon present his new web page for his project.

Well, here is some of the photos of Simen. All of the photos are taken in the studio in Puerto Rico. 

If you scroll down to the end, you can see a before and after photo of  the photo on the top. 

I have combined four photos for this photo, and the background is made of three photos from some place in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria and I made a HDR of these three photos. They are put together in layers to get that High Dynamic Range photo. I used to do a lot of HDR before, but I got bored of it, and haven´t done those for years…But for making cool backgrounds, it´s a fabulous technique. Simen was shot on a white background with two striplights with grids and a beautydish. And some work was done in Photoshop as well. 

Thank you so much Simen, for you were brave enough to do this, I just love how this came out 🙂 And good luck with all of your ideas!

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