I think it’s incredibly exciting to take portraits. Whether you’re young or old, it’s about to capture one’s personality and bring out the best in a person.
I have taken many portraits over the years, both formal and informal.
If you would like to get your hair and makeup done by a professional before the photo shoot, I work with a highly professional and skilled hairdresser, stylist and makup artist. His name is Frederick Cleverly and is located in Play del Ingles.

Portrait photography can be so many things, whether we are in the studio or at location. I have lights to bring out and other equipment for lighting. Gran Canaria has many exciting places we can use in this setting, both beautiful, urban and cool.

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Here are some portraits that I have taken:

Russ – a Norwegian student phenomenon

Posted by on May 6, 2010 in Portrait | 4 comments

Russ – a Norwegian student phenomenon

“Russecelebration” is a Norwegian culture phenomenon, which is based on a Danish tradition. When students finish high school they call themselves russ and marks it with partying and special russe customs that russ hats, cards and vehicles. They wear red cloths. The celebration peaks often up to the 17th of May, Norway´s national day, where there are students’ parades all over Norway and the Norwegian schools abroad. Other Russ traditions include russe-kro, russ-evue and russ-newspaper. Maartje is a russ at the Norwegian...

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