Family photography – Amadores Beach

When I am given the confidence of a family that wants me to take their family pictures, I’m always very humble. And when I come back to my Mac and load all the pictures into it after a photo shoot, it’s always so exciting.

I use a lot of time to select the photos to send to the client, it´s not easy, I usually likes more photos that I can send to them. After the selection starts the editing. And when you sit and work with photos from a photo job, it´s like something happens, you get some kind of a “relationship” with people you’ve photographed, and actually, I would really just like to press the button in Photoshop called “treat-this-person-with -the-best-there-is “. But, it´s not so easy and not so fast.

The hours are flying away when you sit and work, evenings going over in nights. I´m often working with several hundred photos from one shoot. And then there are hours to look through all the editing, to see if you have done the best to the people on the photos, so they look their best.

Well, after some days and hours of work, here are the results of the photo shoot I had with this lovely and cool Norwegian-Canadian family, Arnstein Johannes, Jaya, Jéleena and Johannes Philip.

Thanks for your confidence!


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