How to get married in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

To get married in Gran Canaria for foreigners, is not difficult, there are several options. However, there are some rules and laws you will have to be aware of. Bernadette Garside, who is a wedding planner and the director of The Perfect Wedding Company, has written some very useful information.


Can you hold your wedding ceremony in any location in Gran Canaria?
You can hold a blessing ceremony in most private venues on the island.
You hold the legal aspect of your marriage in your home country, for example at your local town hall and then hold your wedding blessing ceremony in your chosen location.

Can you hold your wedding in a public location in Gran Canaria?
In order to hold any event in any public area, you would need to ask for permission for the responsible local authorities. If you hold the ceremony without permission, you run the risk of being moved on by the police.

Can you hold your wedding ceremony or blessing ceremony on the beaches in Gran Canaria?
At this moment in time, unfortunately it is not permitted to hold ceremonies on the beaches in Gran Canaria. However, the San Bartolomé Town Hall is awaiting answers from Costas (the associating body governing beaches in the Canary Islands). Watch this blog and we will keep you informed!

Specially For Norwegians
In order for Norwegian non residents to marry legally in Gran Canaria you would need to hold you ceremony at the Norwegian Church in Arguineguin.

However you can hold a blessing ceremony in any private location on the island.
What you can do is hold the legal aspect of your marriage in your home country for example at your local town hall and then hold your wedding blessing ceremony in your chosen location.
You could even hold the legal aspect of the ceremony at the Norwegian Church and then your wedding blessing in the location of your choice, the same day or some days before the event.
This is also a very popular options for people who may not be religious or don’t want their ceremony to be held in a church.
Gran Canaria has some of the most beautiful hotels, quaint chapels, picturesque gardens some with spectacular views by the sea. You can also hold your wedding celebration in the same place making it comfortable for you and your guests.
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 Blessings in Gran Canaria

Both spiritual and non-spiritual blessings are extremely popular in Gran Canaria. Choosing a blessing ceremony allows you the complete freedom to plan and create your special day exactly as you’ve always imagined.
The whole ceremony can be tailored to suit your requirements – having your blessing in Gran Canaria gives you the utmost flexibility.

What is a Blessing?
A blessing is a short ceremony that takes place after the official civil ceremony.
Unlike the marriage itself, a blessing is not legally binding – its way of publically symbolizing your commitment to one another.
Many people view the blessing as their ‘actual wedding’, as this is the moment they express their love and commitment to one another in front of their family and friends.

Why Choose a Blessing?
If you have married via a civil ceremony a blessing is a way to introduce a spiritual or religious element to your celebrations.

As Catholics are not allowed to re-marry in the church, divorcees often choose to have a civil ceremony in a register office, followed by a romantic blessing in a venue of their choice.
A blessing ceremony can be tailored to fit your own requirements perfectly; it is the most flexible of all the ceremonies we offer.
Blessings in Gran Canaria can be conducted in a multitude of venues, from onboard luxury yachts, to country hotels, private villas, or even overlooking a white-sand beach – the options are endless.

What Does a Blessing in Gran Canaria Involve?
The joy of a having a blessing in Gran Canaria is that the ceremony can be tailor-made to suit your preferences.
It can include a reading, a hymn, a prayer and a song.
It can be a spiritual or religious ceremony, or solely a romantic blessing.
Many people choose traditional wedding music to be played at their blessing, alongside a selection of music that has special personal meaning.
Formal religious blessings in Gran Canaria must be performed by a Priest – generally this takes place in Church, although we can organize a religious blessing in a number of locations for you.
The Bride and Groom can also enter the venue together, rather than the Bride being escorted into the venue and given away by her Father or person of a similar standing.

When Does a Blessing Take Place?
Blessings take place after the civil service and are customarily scheduled soon after the legal service.
There is no legal requirement regarding the time lapsed after the civil service, therefore having a blessing also gives you flexibility time wise.

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