About me

Hi, I am Mette Brandt and welcome into my place. So nice that you have found the way to my website. I am a photographer, originally from Norway, but have lived at Gran Canaria since 2006. And yes, we moved her to enjoy sun and nice weather all year around. My days are filled up with meeting wonderful people from around the world who wants to be photographed. I work mostly with other people who find their way this this beautiful island for the same reason as I, to enjoy sun, beaches and and not worry about bad weather. So, if you are on holiday and want some photos taken, you are in good company. I do most wedding photography, family photography and couple photography, that is what I love most. I do sometime say yes to other projects, so you can ask if your project is not in any of those categories. I also travel for weddings, so fare done weddings in Norway, Barcelona, Altea and Castricum in Netherland.

From the university in BodΓΈ in Norway, I have my formal education in web, photography and journalism. 

I would love if you follow me on Instagram, you find me as @mettebrandtphotography
Hope you enjoy your journey at my site!

Mette πŸ™‚