Russ from Norway – graduating students

“Russe celebration” is a Norwegian student phenomenon, actually based on a Danish tradition.
When students are about to graduate high school, and around the 17th of May, the constitution day of Norway, they are partying and wear special suits and hats. They call themselves “Russ”. Some of them also have special cars. It´s all about having fun and parties.

At the Norwegian School at Gran Canaria, they also have this tradition, and Elise and Fredrik are some of the students that graduate this spring. Those of you who are following this blog, have seen Elise before.
The photos are taken on Amadores beach.



  1. Råkule bilder av dem Mette!!! Du er så dyktig!


  2. Absolutely amazing photos. Makes me want to be born again as a young Norwegian 😉 I ended up spending a lot of time on your website chekcing out your amazing photography. You really bring out peoples carisma in your works which not many photogaphers do so well.

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