Mother and son photography in Puerto Mogan Gran Canaria

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In February I was so lucky to meet a friend of mine from back in the old school days in Risør, Norway. Christin and her son, Atle, had a stay at Gran Canaria for a while.

Christin and I grew up in the same little town and went to school for nine years together, so it was very special to get to do a session with her and her son in Gran Canaria.

And how cool of Atle to do a photo session with his awesome mother, that´s a tough man! Atle is one of those tough guys in the Norwegian army, but had some days off to have some vacation in Spain.

We went to Puerto Mogán, this sweet little town in the south-west coast of Gran Canaria, so loved by so many, and here is the result: Enjoy!

01-atle-christin_mg_8098 02-atle-christin_mg_8467 02-atle-collage-1-web 03-atle-christin_mg_8525 03-christin-collage-1-web 04-atle-christin_mg_8665 05-atle-christin_mg_8682 06-atle-christin_mg_8641 07-atle-christin_mg_8704 07-christin-collage-2-jpg-copy 08-atle-christin_mg_8742 09-atle-christin_mg_8772 10-atle-christin_mg_8803 11-atle-christin_mg_8824 15-atle-christin_mg_8786 12-atle-christin_mg_8892 13-atle-christin_mg_8938 14-atle-christin_mg_9007 16-atle-christin_mg_7546 17-atle-christin_mg_7566 18-atle-christin_mg_7599 19-atle-christin_mg_8321 20-atle-christin_mg_8323 21-atle-christin_mg_8327 22-atle-christin_mg_8341 23-atle-christin_mg_8145 24-atle-christin_mg_8148 25-atle-christin_mg_8161 26-atle-christin_mg_8249 27-atle-christin_mg_8242 28-atle-christin_mg_7685 29-atle-christin_mg_7658 30-atle-christin_mg_7615 31-atle-christin_mg_7614 32-atle-christin_mg_9146 33-atle-christin_mg_9171 34-atle-christin_mg_9196 35-atle-christin_mg_9232

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