Family photo shoot at Amadores and in Puerto Rico

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This happy and smiling family are coming from Kristiansand in south in Norway. Kristiansand is not so far away from the city I lived in while I lived in Norway, just 1,5 hour to drive.

We really had a fun time with this family during the family photo shoot, with lots of positive energy, laughing and fun moments. We started in the park just beside my studio, and then we went to Amadores beach.
It is fantastic to be a photographer and have all this beautiful surroundings nearby.

We was so lucky with the sunset during this shoot, it was so beautiful. Thank you all for this fun and cosy time we had with you all four, you are so special!


05-mette-brandt-photography-4460 08-mette-brandt-photography-4467 33-mette-brandt-photography-4533 103-mette-brandt-photography-4790 44-mette-brandt-photography-4558 50-mette-brandt-photography-4573 54-mette-brandt-photography-4592 56-mette-brandt-photography-4597 64-mette-brandt-photography-4638 71-mette-brandt-photography-4660 86-mette-brandt-photography-4723 88-mette-brandt-photography-4734 90-mette-brandt-photography-4741 99-mette-brandt-photography-4777 108-mette-brandt-photography-4801 119-mette-brandt-photography-4833 126-mette-brandt-photography-4850 128-mette-brandt-photography-4858 140-mette-brandt-photography-4883 146-mette-brandt-photography-4898 163-mette-brandt-photography-4950 173-mette-brandt-photography-4968 180-mette-brandt-photography-5007 192-mette-brandt-photography-5044 202-mette-brandt-photography-5077 253-mette-brandt-photography-5256 256-mette-brandt-photography-5261 210-mette-brandt-photography-5110 226-mette-brandt-photography-5160 231-mette-brandt-photography-5173 232-mette-brandt-photography-5182 238-mette-brandt-photography-5199 239-mette-brandt-photography-5206 243-mette-brandt-photography-5221 250-mette-brandt-photography-5243 251-mette-brandt-photography-5249


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