Couple photography Playa del Ingles – San Augustin

I while ago, I met some awesome people. They are Norwegians, and she contacted me for a photo session of her and her husband for the last 25 years. The are celebrating their anniversary this summer, and wanted some photos of themselves. And what a fun time we had with them, they were so playful and enjoyable!

When at Gran Canaria, they are staying in the Playa del Ingles area, and for them it was important that we took the photos in their neighborhood, since that means a lot to them. They day we went to meet them and to do the shoot, it was so incredible windy, so it was some challenging I have to admit. But we managed to  take the photos, and the time we had with the couple, was very funny, and Geir and I really hope to meet your guys again, because you are special, and such a nice persons to be with. Thank you so much both of you! And happy anniversary!


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