Wedding Norwegian Church – photography at Anfi del Mar

Heidi and Trond got married early in 2014, and I was so lucky to be booked to do their wedding photos. I say lucky, because this wedding was something I´ll never forget. Or, more correct, the people! Heidi and I had been chatting for a long time by mail and facebook. When you are going to marry abroad, you have a lot of thoughts and a lot of things to think about. And Heidi and I ended up becoming friends by mail and facebook, who was a really nice thing for both of us. I liked it, because it gave me a chance to get to know Heidi a little bit. I like that, I like to know and understand the people I am going to photograph. I think I do make better photos then. So, when I met Heidi and Trond for the first time at the hotel a couple of days before their wedding, it was a little bit like seeing an old friend again 🙂 

What I also was super happy about, was that I also were booked to do the preparation at the hotel, and I just L O V E that! The hairdresser I always recommend, is Frederick, and he was doing Heidi, her maid of honor Karina, the groom Trond and his best man Vidar. Frederick and Tamas in Fredericks team from his saloon, did the most amazing job, when you look at Heidi´s hair, it is a piece of art. Frederick is amazing, and is also a on location stylist, which means he can come wherever you want to do your wedding styling. All four looked stunning. Don´t misunderstand, not that they are not stunning before Frederick starts, but Frederick know how to do makeup and hair for wedding photography, and he knows how to make people glow, he takes the best out of people and makes them look awesome. And he understands! Understand what the bride wants, understands what she is dreaming about how to look on her big day. He also do a test preparation some days before the wedding, to be sure the bride will be happy with how she will look on her wedding day. The mood in the hotel room was very good, Frederick and Heidi was just like old friends too, and Heidi and Karina was enjoying the time before the wedding, I could feel it and I could see it.

After the ceremony in the Norwegian Church in Arguineguin, we went to Anfi del Mar for the photo shoot. And what I fun shoot. Both Cava and beer was some of the ingredients that was brought to the heart shaped island. The mood was really good.

I want to thank you so much Heidi and Trond. This was a really extraordinary experience for both Geir and I, we just loved being with you on your wedding day and we hope to meet you again one day.

And, I want to wish Heidi very good luck with her new business, called She is starting as a wedding planner in Norway, you can follow her and her business partner on their facebook page


Photo: Mette Brandt

Hair and Makeup: Frederick Cleverly

Wedding Planner: Mia Isaksen


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