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Annika and Oskari are from Finland, and I had the pleasure of taking their photos at their wedding day. They got married at the church “Templo Ecumenico de San Salvador” in Playa del Ingles. They priest Harry was also from Finland, and helt a beautiful ceremony for the couple.

Annika and Oskari had chosen an absolutely stunning hotel for their trip to Gran Canaria, Lopesan Baobab Resort 5* – Meloneras – Gran Canaria The hotel is a 5 star spectacular resort in an African style and is so beautiful!! Of course they choose to do their photo session at the hotel.

On a day like this, it´s important to have a hair professional to do your hair, and a good makeup artist to do make you shine and glow the best. Hairdresser and stylist Frederick Cleverly did all the styling and hairdressing, and as usual, he made an excellent work.

We had a wonderful day with the couple from the morning to sunset. To be able to take photos during the preparation, I absolutely love it!

And I have to mention the wedding bouquet: Annika brought it with her from Finland! She is a woman who know exactly what she wants, and to be sure to get all her favorite flowers and the style she wanted on her bouquet, she got it made at home and brought it with her in her suitcase! And it looked absolutely stunning although it had travelled from Finland to Gran Canaria, what a beautiful bouquet it was!

Well, I can say so much more about this lovely couple, but like we all know, pictures can say more than 1ooo words, so Enjoy!


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  1. Utrolig flotte og kreative bilder. Du er virkelig proff og flink. :-)

  2. Hei Jorunn
    Så hyggelig sagt av deg, tusen takk :) :)

    Mette :)

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