Kathe and Erlend – Wedding

Kathe and Erlend
Kathe and Erlend Wedding

We got married at Gran Canaria 6th of March 2015, and Mette was our wedding photographer. She took a lot of photos in the church, something that is very nice to have the time after the wedding, as we don´t remember so much from the ceremony due a lots of nerves! After the ceremony, we took the photos as Anfi del Mar. The way Mette is working, and the way she is, made this became some incredible fun hours with photographing. Vi had a really nice time and would highly recommend Mette and Geir!

We received the photos when we came back to Norway, and they are so great! We look at the photos all the time and are so happy for Mette and Geir were with us this day!

Again, thank you so much for the wonderful photos!

Kathe & Erlend, Norway