Family photography – Puerto Mogan

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This is absolutely one of my favorite photo shoots from Puerto Mogán. Anna contacted me for a shoot while coming to Gran Canaria with her husband, sister and parents, who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

This wonderful family is from St. Petersburg in Russia, but Anna and her husband Evgeny lives in Stockholm in Sweden. I did a photo shoot with their friends, Valeria and Evgeny two years ago on their honeymoon til Gran Canaria, and it was so lovely to have their friends with us in Puerto Mogán. 

I find people from Russia very pleasant to photograph, as their seems to have a nature talent for posing, they just do it, I don´t need to tell them how to do it. They just know how :)

We had a wonderful time with Anna and her family this after noon, and thank you so much for contacting me, it was such a pleasure to meet you :) 

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