Family photography in the mountains of Gran Canaria

This photo session with this Norwegian family was very fun and a extremely nice experience for us. The family has lived and worked at Gran Canaria for some years, and the children have been students at the Norwegian school in Arguineguin. It was now time for packing up their belongings and going back to Norway. But first they wanted a photographer to capture some memories for them before they left. So one day Torstein called me and asked if it was possible to do a family photo session up in the mountains of Gran Canaria. He told me that during their time at Gran Canaria, they had spent many, many hours enjoying the beautiful nature and mountains on the island. Torstein had also done a lot of cycling in the mountains during their stay on Gran Canaria.

I was so happy he asked, of course I would love to do that. Most of my family clients do not have the opportunity to do drive up in the mountains, as they are on holiday and often do not have a car. So I said yes at once, and we started to do some planning on where exactly to go. I drove up into the middle of the island some days before the session, and found the place I meant would be right for the family. And here is the result. Torstein also brought his bicycle, and we managed to take some photos of him on it before it got too dark.

Thank you so much Monica, Torstein, Ingvild, Synnøve and Aasa, this was really a pleasure and it was fun.
If somebody calls me again for a mountain photo session, I would be glad to do it again.

If you would like to see some more photos from this photo session, you can find a lot more on my facebook page.