Couple photo shoot in Puerto Mogan Gran Canaria

In my job as a photographer at Gran Canaria, I get to meet so many nice and friendly people, people I know I´ll never forget. Because they become something special to me when I working with them and their photos after the shoot. And some people are just so awesome and give me so much positive energy, that I know I´ll remember them forever. Gunn and Rolf are some of those that will become a really good memory from many of the photo shoots I do. They are such a nice and friendly couple. We laughed a lot during the photo shoot and we had an awesome time with them.

Gunn and Rolf come from up north in Norway, they live at Sommarøy (it is Norwegian for “The Summer Island), Senja in Troms. That´s really a long travel. The distance from their home and to Gran Canaria, it is over 6600 kilometers! And again it looks like people up from north of Norway have that particular gene of kindness, they are smiling and are so friendly all the time. And it seems that I get to meet them all 🙂

Thank you Gunn and Rolf, you are really some special people!

For their shoot, we went to Puerto Mogán, a lovely place south-west on Gran Canaria. 

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