Ksenia and Markus – honeymoon photo shoot on Gran Canaria

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to do a honeymoon photos shoot with Ksenia and Markus. They were on honeymoon on Gran Canaria and wanted some romantic photos from the island. The live in Vienna in Austria. They are both great artist, Markus plays trumpet and Ksenia is a opera singer with a great voice, originally from Volgograd in Russia. 

I have put together some of the photos of them with music from their repertory, “Adagio” sung by Ksenia and Markus playing the solo trumpet. If you would like to know more about Ksenia and her wonderful voice and music, take a look at here website.


Ksenia and Markus – Romantic photo shoot at Gran Canaria – by Mette Brandt Photography from Mette Brandt on Vimeo.